Launch of “Gender Equality Policy on Construction and Urban Development Sector” to Sector Specialists

The “Gender equality policy on construction and urban development sector”, together with reference materials pertaining to the policy, was launched in a workshop at the Construction Development Center on 25th April 2018. More than 40 sector representatives from government and NGOs have attended the event and expressed their intention to cooperate on implementing the policy.

The policy aims to eliminate discrimination and unfairness by enabling people from a different background to live in one apartment, one district without any discrimination with respect to their origin. The policy will establish protections against discrimination as   society faces an increasingly multicultural workforce.

The sector-specific gender equality policy will be introduced through 2025 with 2 phases; the mid-term policy document determines the scope of the activities to set up the gender equality principles in accordance with the sector development policy.

By implementing the sector policy, the gender specialists and stakeholders assume that a “Basic standard of Quality of life”, which is the framework of “Gender-sensitive package indicators of a safe and healthy environment of living in the urban and local area”, will be produced. They are expecting to improve the stakeholders’ gender-sensitive operations during the implementation of the gender-equality policy.