The Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Sector Introduce their Sectorial Gender Responsive Policy

The Gender-Responsive policy on The Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry sector provides guidelines supporting the sustainable development of gender equality throughout the sector; it will be implemented in two main phases and completed in 2025.

The document determines the principles and challenges to provide gender equality in detailed activities across the programs and projects of the various levels of the sector.

The sector’s gender policy is designed to fulfill sustainable development principles that harmonize environment, economy and societal development, as well as enhancement of international cooperation in the area of gender equality. 

Specifically, the sector policy document includes a number of projects and activities which will be completed in cooperation with foreign partners in terms of implementation of the UN Resolution on the Improvement of the situation of women and girls in rural areas, which was initiated by Mongolia and agreed by over 100 member countries.

The launch of the policy document was held today with both the English and Mongolian version of the document introduced to 50 sector representatives in the Conference hall at the Ministry of the Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry.

The stakeholders are anticipating the policy will make a notable impact to the awareness of gender sensitive job environments for both men and women who are manufacturers, farmers and agriculturists, herders, public servants and private employees. Supporters claim the guidelines support considerations for the need of gender sensitivity in production of different types of products and services.

The policy document on the Gender of the Food, Agriculture and Light Industry was prepared with support from the “Gender-Responsive Sector and Local Development Policies and Actions” Technical Assistance funded by Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, administered and implemented by the Asian Development Bank and the Mongolian Government.