On June 27-28, the “Sustainable development policy: gender and development” international conference was held in Ulaanbaatar. The conference was organized with support of the Prime Minister, Chairman of the National committee on Gender equality Mr.Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, in cooperation with the Mongolian Government,  Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection and Asian Development Bank.

The conference aimed to create an international platform for exchanging experiences, achievements and good practice in the area of gender and development. This exchange would promote international cooperation on effective  implementation of “Renewing the World: Sustainable Development Goal 2030” projects and initiatives. More than 400 participants from academia, media, journalism, research, governmental and non-governmental organizations and international development organizations, Diplomatic missions and Embassies participated in the exchange. Five presenters spoke at the event, from Australia, the United States, Republic of Korea, Japan and Canada.

Three sessions were conducted during the Conference on the topics of “Gender partnership and cooperation for sustainable employment and access to economic growth”, “Access and use of gender indicators at national and international levels for quality of life”, “Climate change adaptions, risks and international partnerships for improving rural women’s lives and welfare”.

Suggestions and ideas from the conference were integrated to a final document titled the “Ulaanbaatar Declaration”.