“The Right Understanding”: Campaign calls for change to gender stereotypes

In Mongolia, “The Right Understanding” campaign launched to improve social awareness of gender equality and to eliminate traditional, harmful stereotypes of gender roles.

The campaign will engage several media platforms such as podcasts, discussion groups, forum, training courses and Facebook and web content, with topics including gender sensitive journalism, gender related issues around schools, and the understanding and misunderstanding of gender equality.

Organizers are encouraging the public to share the information to raise awareness for a “right understanding” on gender equality as well as inviting public to make the comments and participate in discussions and forums.

It is expected that the capacity building program and cooperation development activities will be focused on Primary and Secondary school teachers, non-governmental organizations’ staff and government officials of target provinces including Dornogobi and Selenge. The training courses will engage journalists and reporters.

The awareness campaign is supported by the “Gender-Responsive Sector and Local Development Policies and Actions” Technical Assistance project financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, administered and implemented by Asian Development Bank, and the Mongolian Government.