Introduction of Gender Training Module for Government Officials

The National Committee on Gender Equality, in collaboration with the National Gender Expert Group, has trialed a gender training module designed specifically for government officials. The trial was completed as a two day workshop on August 30-31 in Ulaanbaatar.

The training package was produced with assistance from a UN Population Fund project, “Combating gender based violence”, supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Following participants’ feedback, proposed comments, and observations from the trial, a final version of the materials will be published.

About 60 government officials, including gender specialists and human resource officials from the administration offices of each 9 districts and 21 provinces, participated in the trial training? The content included understandings of gender, discrimination, types and prevention of gender-based violence (GBV), gender statistics, gender sensitive policy planning, gender responsive budgeting and gender sensitive legislation.

The course established professional guidelines on decision making in gender related issues and participants were equipped with the materials and knowledge to implement the gender training module in their local areas.

The trial was lead by Mrs.J.Zanaa (the project consultant, national gender expert), Mrs.D.Sukhjargalmaa (Prime Minister’s consultant), and Mrs.B.Dolgor, T.Amgalan, B.Onon, and Sh.Solongo (national gender experts).

Mr.T.Enkhbayar, Head of the Secretariat of National Committee on Gender Equality, presented updated information on gender issues and provided guidance for an implementation strategy of the National Program on Gender Equality.