Improved Understanding of Gender Issues Among Primary and Secondary Teachers

The “Right Understanding” campaign is a national, multi-sector awareness campaign to combat harmful gender stereotypes. Improving the understanding of educators, critical to the sustainability of the campaign, is being achieved through an ongoing training program for teachers.

Under the campaign, participants in the training program have engaged with several issues to improve the general understanding of gender issues, Government policies and initiatives, gender stereotypes and their consequences, gender mainstreaming, and gender sensitive methodologies to teaching.

The training module has been developed with support from the “Gender-Responsive Sector and Local Development Policies and Actions” Technical Cooperation project that is jointly financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, Asian Development Bank, and the Mongolian Government.

Based on the training outputs, the “Simple training module for the primary and secondary school teachers” has been created and the training will be completed for teachers in Dornogobi and Selenge provinces.